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Numb3rs Season Six has been Truncated

You may have heard that the sixth season of Numb3rs has been cut to 16 episodes. If you want to protest, please write a polite letter to: Nina Tassler President, CBS Entertainment 4024 Radford Ave., Room 3118 Studio City, CA 91604

Yes, polite and via snail mail, as studios tend to discard emails as being too easy to fake. One letter is counted as 1 viewer who wrote and 99 viewers who agree but didn't write.

C is for Cash Cab!

My crackilicious cross over with New York's Cash Cab! Special Guest appearance by a certain New York Detective! :-D

I wrote this for my Numb3rs/Game Show or Reality Show Crossover!

Chapt. 1

Chapt. 2

G33K LOV3 Video from CBS

CBS's Numb3rs sites has some cool videos, including the Mac VS PC take-offs and this video about Larry/Megan and Charlie/Amita.

Official G33K LOV3 Video from CBS

Sheepskin Jacket

Title: Sheepskin Jacket
Pairing/Characters: Amita/Charlie
Rating: K+
Word Count: 100
Spoilers: Nope
Disclaimer: The characters are not mine
Summary: Amita's got something in her pocket
Notes: I sort of cribbed from myself, as I used a similar idea for a Woman/Sheepskin/Marijuana prompt at Numb3rs dot org. But that version was 683 words.
Warning: No drinkee, no sprayee, 'kay?

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Numb3rs Free-for-All!

numb3rswriteoff is having a Free For All round! Gen/Het/Slash with any characters!

You'll be given a prompt and then you take it from there.

Sign ups are at this post

A is for Amita's Birthday

Title: A is for Amita's Birthday
Characters/pairings: Amita, mentions Amita/Charlie
Genre: Gen/Hints of het
Rating: K
Spoilers: None
Summary: Amita drowns her sorrow in caramel macchiatos
A/N: I was planning on skipping writing for this year's Alpha Challenge...

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We now have THREE fics completed for the Numb3rs/Game Show/Reality Show challenge. (Okay, I stretched the definition just a tad for #3, but it's a crackalicious good story!)

Check 'em out!

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Challenges for Summer and Beyond!

I'm running two challenges this summer (well, one lasts until next January, but it's starting now.)

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In a Slurry - Fic for Numb3rsWriteOff

Title: In a Slurry
Author: Jelsemium
Characters: Amita Ramanujan, Millie Finch, plus a room full of walk-ons
Rating/Category: K+ / Gen Schmoop
Word Count: 1,569
Spoilers: None
Summary: Amita's lecture venue is shifted, due to circumstances beyond anyone's control.
Comment: This story so did not want to get written. I only came up with a plot Thursday evening and didn't get a chance to start writing until 6 PM on Friday.
Notes/Warnings: Drinking and reading my fic usually isn't a good idea;.

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"Amita the puppet"

ooooh, pretty layout!

Title: Amita the puppet.
Gen Round.
Team Shmoop for the word “Puppet.”

Author: Keenir
Pairing/Characters: Amita, Ganesh, Charlie, Larry.
Rating/Category: PG-17/Gen (mild het thoughts)
Spoilers: Harvest, various s2 and s4 episodes. (haven’t seen the finale yet, though)

Summary: Amita is host to an Uul, an alien which, when it choses to, takes complete control. After three years of not doing so, her Uul is calling the shots.

Notes: when I volunteered to do the word “puppet,” my first thought had been to use the Puppetmasters (from the Heinlein movie), though not the Goa’uld (which I’ve tended to use the Puppetmasters with)…but I convinced myself that I could make my own being of suitable control -- which is a part of why this is late: I had trouble with that.

Warnings: Foul language peppered in here.

This fic was written for the Angst vs Schmoop Challenge at [info]numb3rswriteoff. After you’ve read the fic, please rate it by voting in the poll located here. (Your vote will be anonymous.) Rate the fic on a scale of 1 - 10 (10 being the best) using the following criteria: how well the fic fit the prompt, how angsty [or schmoopy] the fic was, and how well you enjoyed the fic. When you’re done, please check out the other challenge fic at [info]numb3rswriteoff. Thank you!

Amita the puppet